👋 Hey! I'm James -

A 19 year old computer science student. I love to code, specifically Websites, Web Dashboards, and backend APIs, or any software really! I also enjoy server management on Linux with Docker, etc. This is my personal, portfolio, mess-around website! It's not fully completed yet but I update it when I get the time. Scroll down to read more :)

About Me

I have had an interest in programming and computer systems since I was young. I start off by going to a CoderDojo where I learned my first steps of Scratch, HTML, CSS & JS and Python. Although the majority of my knowledge has been self thought, by building random projects, reading documentation and watching guides. I hope to persue this interest as a career later on in life.

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This website you are currently on. My personal, portfolio and more website. Powered by Next.Js and Chakra-UI.


Timetable Sync

A simple app to sync student's DCU timetable to Google Calendar for ease of access and more features. Also includes a room availability checker.



A muti-purpose all in one Discord Bot, with many features. The project that got me to love programming.


X's and O's

My Leaving Certificate Computer Science Project, an X's and O's game playable on the browser.






HTML 5CSSReact.jsNext.jsChakra UIBootstrap

Backend & Database:



  • Winner of Coolest Projects International 2018 in Web Design

  • Completed Digital School Champions Program - May 2021

  • Participated in SciFest 2022 at Dublin City University

Hobbies & Interests

  • Programming full-stack

  • Computer Games

  • Music

Self Hosting & Server Mangement

As discussed earlier, I run my own infrastructure of services among 3 servers (2 Raspberry Pi's and a Cloud VPS). This is where I also run all of my projects. This has been an important skill to master, as I am prepped in maintaining running servers, site-reliability and server security.

I also self-host some services for my own use, for reasons of more security (I manage my data), more features (generally without a fee), and just for the fun!

Some things I run on the network are:

  • GitLab - I self host a GitLab instance which is where I store all of my projects. GitLab has many useful features including DevOps (CI), Snippets, etc.
  • Bitwarden - I self host a Bitwarden instance as my day-to-day password manager, I prefer doing this as I am in control of where my data is stored.
  • Authentik - I self host a Authentik instance as my Single-SignOn (SAML/OAuth2) client for all my services. (Partially Retired)
  • Sentry - I self host a Sentry instance as I use it to track and log Errors from my projects. (Retired)
  • Jellyfin - a self-hosted movie, series and music media system.
  • Vikunja - a self-hosted todo app.
  • DBs (Postgres, MariaDB, Mongo) - what my services and projects use to store data.
  • BeatleBot - my Discord bot.
  • StatsChannels - another Discord bot.
  • Pogr.cc - A semi-public Image CDN, URL-Shortener and More.
  • Other Microservices - e.g. my API which handles and controls backend tasks and schedules backups, and my DDNS & Starter service which ensures site-reliability for my services if there is a power failure or network failure.

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